Why the Ford F-Series Make Excellent Work Trucks for BC Businesses

By: Zeemac Fleet Leasing Services   |   23 Feb 2022
Ford F-150 truck at a construction site

We know that as a busy business owner you have an endless list of choices to make. That’s why the Zeemac team is here to help lighten your load by providing the information you need to make quick and confident decisions. In our upcoming blog series, we’ll be looking at some of BC’s most popular work trucks to provide you with the specs and features that matter most for your business. When the time comes to start, or grow, your commercial fleet, we hope this series helps you make an informed decision.

To kick off our series, we’re focusing on the Ford F-Series - one of the most popular lineups of work trucks among Canadian companies. Why? Ford stands by its “Built Ford Tough” promise by continuing to manufacture vehicles with unbeatable dependability and toughness.

Have a big job ahead of you? Ford.

Need to know your truck won’t quit? Ford.

Want to show up in style? Ford.

For companies that need their fleets running in tip-top shape daily, it’s hard to argue with that kind of reliability. Fords also come in a multitude of trims, packages, and add-ons, giving business owners the ability to customize their fleet to meet their exact needs. Here are a few more specs about the Ford F-Series that might help guide your search for the perfect fleet of work trucks.

Meet the Ford F-Series: Work Trucks That Mean Business

Ford F-150. The Ford F-150 is arguably one of the most recognizable pickup trucks on the road, both for everyday drivers and as a hard-working fleet vehicle. It boasts impressive towing capacity, plenty of space, and a comfortable interior for drivers. There’s not much you can’t tackle with this truck, which is why it’s such a highly sought-after work truck by Vancouver’s leading industries. The starting price on the F-150 is reasonable, and it also has relatively frequent availability as a used vehicle, adding to the accessibility of this work truck for contractors, HVAC crews, landscaping, delivery services, and more.

Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty. It’s right in the name: Super Duty. The F-250 and F-350 are heavy-hitting pickup trucks in the Ford lineup, and capable of towing upwards of 20,000 lbs when fully equipped. Many tow truck operators and businesses that require that extra oomph from their fleet choose these trucks for their seemingly limitless power.

Ford F-150 Lightning. All of the specs of the F-150, now available in a fully electric powertrain. The Lightning is fast, more powerful than the V8 F-150, and gets at least 300 miles of range on a single charge. As more British Columbia drivers continue to go green (and experience soaring expenses associated with fuel and gas-engine maintenance), it comes as no surprise that small and medium business owners are reserving their fully electric fleets - and as Burnaby’s top electric vehicle leasing centre, Zeemac can help you secure your electric fleet.


Bonus: Ford Transit Van. It’s not technically part of the F-Series, but it’s such a recognizable Ford vehicle that it deserves to be included in this list. The Ford Transit is a full size cargo van with a wide variety of uses for many trades, couriers, security teams, and more. It provides a covered rear space to safely store your gear, and can be fitted with additional seating for transporting a larger crew - or even groups of people, if that’s part of your business model. The Ford Transit will be available as a fully electric model in 2022, which is another exciting feature of this popular work van.

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