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We Help HVAC Companies Save an Average of $6,000 per Vehicle!

The quality of the buildings where we live, learn, work and play impacts not only our health but the quality of our lives. Buildings are responsible for over 41% of our energy consumption, 13.6% of our water usage, and 73% of our electricity used in North America. As a result, the HVAC industry will continue to play an important role in the future design and construction of our buildings.

With sustainability initiatives at the forefront of industry advancement, there have been big shifts in the way HVAC companies operate to improve their service, brand image and expenditure on high-cost assets like vehicles. When looking for HVAC vehicles, the businesses that are making an impact partner with Zeemac. Being a part of this shift is easy with the Zeemac team.



We use technology in real-time to give you accurate data when you need it - saving time and money.



We amplify your productivity by helping select the right vehicle and upfitting.



Our team of fleet experts and analysts collaborate to ensure an optimized fleet.

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We customize your fleet program to make it function right and look great.

The Market Is Shifting, Are You?

Shift 1: Optimize your fleet with advanced technology

Telematics GPS devices in our vehicles provide accurate second-by-second data on your fleet. With this system, you always know where your vehicles are and can dispatch them in real-time.

Zeemac can then run this data through our diagnostic systems to help you more thoroughly understand your unique operating requirements and make recommendations to more efficiently meet these needs. This results in an average 20-25% return along with significant efficiency gains, lower emissions and faster response times.

Key Benefits:

• More efficient
• Enhanced productivity
• Improved safety
• Lower emissions
• Less maintenance and downtime

Shift 2: Tailor your vehicles to increase efficiency

Not having the right equipment at the right time is costly and creates scheduling nightmares. With 60-years’ experience, the Zeemac team has helped hundreds of HVAC companies select the right vehicles and upfitting packages to maximize productivity.

We aim take the complexity out of this process so you can concentrate on your business. A seasoned industry analyst will use their expertise to assist your decisions (and steer you clear of pitfalls). They will then coordinate the entire build for you (saving you hours of time and logistical headaches). And since all upfitting equipment can be capitalized into your lease, we help you manage the cash flow side of things too. Call us today to find out how we can help your HVAC business be at the forefront of the shift!

Key Benefits:

• Turn-key upfitting
• Improved customer support
• Experienced personnel
• Quick turn-around time
• Save money on equipment

The Zeemac Difference

Have you noticed how some companies arrive at job sites fully equipped with everything they need? How their efficient scheduling saves them both time and money? Not to mention how they never seem to miss deadlines due to unreliable vehicles? These are the companies that partner with Zeemac and on average, we help them cut their overall fleet expenditures by as much as 20%.

At Zeemac, we have control over the entire life-cycle of fleet vehicles, including upfitting and data collection systems that lead to insights into the way companies operate their fleets. Between manufacturer volume purchase programs that save you money, finance programs that mitigate your cash burden or risk, maintenance options to minimize downtime and fleet systems that match utilization with your operational demands, we can guarantee that your HVAC business will always be ready for anything.

“We've seen a huge improvement in service since we made the shift to Zeemac. Their team approach and ability to stickhandle the entire outfitting process is truly unique in the market”

Lance Clarke
Allied Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

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