Why Electric Trucks are Perfect for Vancouver Businesses

By: Zeemac Fleet Leasing Services   |   02 May 2021
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Vancouver-based businesses have unique needs when it comes to selecting fleet vehicles. Traffic, rising fuel costs and even dreaded parking issues can impact everything from your daily delivery schedule to your annual bottom line. Electric vehicle (EV) leasing offers a wide range of solutions for Vancouver businesses, and is growing in popularity across the Greater Vancouver Area for this very reason. Let’s take a look at a few ways that EVs are helping local businesses combat operational challenges associated with living and driving in the Vancouver area, and how Zeemac is helping bring more electric trucks and vehicles to BC companies!




Vancouver Industries That Can Benefit From EVs

Here at Zeemac, we help a diverse range of industries with their fleet leasing and management needs, including HVAC, construction companies, landscaping, breweries, delivery and courier services, security and many more. Although each of these industries has varying and unique needs, there are a few commonalities they all share: concerns about rising fuel costs, manoeuvring downtown streets, the cost of fleet maintenance, and even Vancouver traffic. So how can electric trucks help combat some of these concerns?

  1. Save on Fuel

Perhaps most importantly of all, electric trucks are, well, electric - they don’t run on traditional fuel sources! Filling up at the pumps, and then burning all of that fuel while sitting in Vancouver traffic, can be a major source of lost profits for local businesses. And unfortunately, if you think this is an “everywhere” problem, you’d be mistaken. In 2020, Vancouver traffic congestion was ranked (yet again) the worst in all of Canada. This is an important statistic for Vancouver-area businesses who are spending an average of six days annually in traffic, amounting to each truck using several tanks of gas without travelling a single kilometre. Over time, this can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in lost profits. Yikes!


“In Vancouver's case, a driver will spend almost 40 percent more time in traffic during rush hour in the region. To add insult to injury, rush-hour drivers spend a whopping six days and five hours a year in traffic. You could plant 150 trees, or knit 7 sweaters and 37 hats in that time.” CTV News Canada

(source: CTV News Canada)


  1. Reduce Maintenance Costs

EVs have significantly fewer moving parts, helping to reduce maintenance costs from the get-go. Say goodbye to time and money spent on oil changes, and hello to saving money that can be re-invested in growing your business!


“Typical BEV drivetrains have 90% fewer moving parts, require no maintenance such as oil changes or timing belts, and their ability to use regenerative braking saves energy and makes their brake pads last longer.” 2 Degrees Institute


  1. Save the Environment

Not only does wasting fuel burn a hole in your wallet, but it’s also a major contributor to air pollution. There are also growing concerns about the sustainability of burning fossil fuels for future generations. Making the switch to EVs is both a sound economical and environmental choice.




Electric Truck Options for Vancouver Businesses

It’s an exciting time in the world of electric trucks! Virtually all of the world’s leading automotive suppliers have either recently brought EVs to market, or will be unveiling their newest vehicles within the next few years. We’ve already seen versatile electric trucks and cargo vans from Tesla, GM and Ford, and the first-ever Class 8 Electric Truck has been announced as a partnership project between Hino Trucks and Toyota Motor North America. You can learn more about specific truck and cargo van models, and which ones are best suited for your industry, in last month’s blog post.


“Ford can capitalize on the lessons that other automakers have spent millions to learn. Ford intends to prove… that electric vehicles can be exciting, reliable, and safe.” - Car and Driver



Connect With a Zeemac Fleet Leasing Professional

Our goal is to help your company thrive! We understand the unique needs and concerns of Vancouver's industries, and we are passionate about the many benefits of electric trucks and vehicles for local businesses. To learn more about EVs, start exploring your options, or discuss fleet leasing and financing concerns, simply reach out to us! Our Fleet Leasing Experts are eager to help you find the right solutions for your needs.


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