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We Can Help You Save Thousands on Your Fleet's Vehicles

There’s often a fine line between profitable and non-profitable projects. Success can be linked to many factors like experience, personnel and partners, but the companies that succeed consistently understand the importance of being nimble.

Our team at Zeemac Vancouver specializes in vehicle fleet programs with unparalleled customer service. With 60-years of experience, we have refined acquisition processes, partner networks and support programs to help our clients scale their operations and maximize the utilization of high-cost vehicle assets. Using technology and analytical systems, we gain insights that lead to innovation and improvements that allow your commercial business to run more efficiently, save money and ultimately become more competitive. Our services enable us to work in advance of your demand but our leading acquisition process supports last minute requests, whether it’s scaling back or adding units, our team can accommodate changing business needs and meet your obligations.

Does this sound like what your business needs? Our team has supported hundreds of businesses of all sizes across North America, and we would love to do the same for you. Contact us to find out how Zeemac can help!



We use technology in real-time to give you accurate data when you need it - saving time and money.



We amplify your productivity by helping select the right vehicle and upfitting.



Our team of fleet experts and analysts collaborate to ensure an optimized fleet.

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We customize your fleet program to make it function right and look great.

The Zeemac Difference

Have you noticed how some companies arrive at job sites fully equipped with everything they need? How their efficient scheduling saves them both time and money? Not to mention how they never seem to miss deadlines due to unreliable vehicles? These are the companies that partner with Zeemac, and on average, we help them cut their overall fleet expenditures by as much as 20%.

At Zeemac, we have control over the entire lifecycle of fleet vehicles, including upfitting and data collection systems that lead to insights into the way companies operate their fleets. Between manufacturer volume purchase programs that save you money, finance programs that mitigate your cash burden or risk, maintenance options to minimize downtime and fleet systems that match utilization with your operational demands, we can guarantee that your business will always be ready for anything.

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