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Whether you’re looking for fleet leasing, commercial rentals, repairs, or upfitting, Zeemac offers a full spectrum of commercial fleet services for BC’s booming industries. Growing your fleet is a necessary part of ensuring your business can perform its very best, and we’re committed to helping your company succeed. At Zeemac, you’ll find an extensive inventory of commercial vehicles customized to your industry, plus flexible financing, leasing, and purchasing options.
Contact us today, and one of our fleet experts will help you find the right vehicle and leasing options for your business.

Here are just a few of the industries we help each and every day!

courier services

Courier Services

 Pre-fitted transport vans and trucks customized for making efficient deliveries

 Fleet management services using data telematics to streamline deliveries and boost productivity

 Affordable, hassle-free fleet leasing options by our financial experts

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  Optimized fleet vehicles with telematics GPS devices and analytics

  Diagnostics that result in 20-25% ROI, lower emissions, and faster response times

  Expert assessments of your fleet’s unique operating requirements

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 Satellite-based communications in remote areas or real-time cellular-based services for high-density locations

 Cut overall fleet expenditures by 20%

 Get incentives on all hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric commercial vehicles

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 Refined acquisition processes, partner networks, and support programs to help you scale your business

 Seamless accommodation for your business’s ever-changing needs

 We’ll work in advance of your demand or fulfill last-minute requests if needed

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 Vehicles come upfitted with specialized equipment like fibre-optics

 Telematics systems allow you to monitor vehicle speed, location, and seatbelt usage

 Fleets come equipped to handle harsh locations and robust work environments

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 Fleet solutions to meet your seasonal demands

 Vast inventory of long-box pickups and dump trucks during peak periods

 Affordable financial plans for the busy season, including all vehicle upfitting

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Helping Businesses Thrive for Over 60 Years!

At Zeemac, we believe business owners should focus their efforts on just that – their business! Why worry about your industry fleet maintenance or financing when we can take care of that for you?
With over 60 years of experience helping Vancouver industries adapt, scale, and thrive - we’re ready to help your business reach new heights, no matter what industry you work in.
Contact any of our fleet experts today to learn more about how Zeemac can meet the needs of your business!


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