Scale fast with fleet solutions that meet your seasonal demands. From dump truck or pickup truck leasing and financing to fleet efficiency and telematics systems, the Zeemac team can help you find the right answer for your landscaping business.

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Only Pay for Your Trucks When you Actually Need Them!

Regardless of your location or climate, the landscaping business is a competitive one. To succeed, you need to strike that perfect balance between managing costs and maximizing profits. Staying nimble can make all the difference, especially during the peak season.

Obviously, your tools (plows, cutting equipment, fertilizers, wages, etc) are big costs that can’t be cut. But you can find significant savings in your vehicle and transportation budget by working with the Zeemac team. Our landscaping vehicle programs will help you save money, improve productivity, and make it easier to scale your business to meet seasonal demands. On average, Zeemac customers save 25% on their fleet expenditures!

During peak periods, we maintain a high volume of both long-box pickups  and cab & chassis medium duty dump trucks. In addition, we have developed a financial model for the busy season, which includes all vehicle upfitting, so you only pay for your fleet when you actually need it. Dump truck rentals are available today!

You too can benefit from our 60-years of experience, enhanced purchasing power with all major manufacturers (OEM’s) and our extensive network of upfitting partners. As your partner, Zeemac provides support, optimizes your fleet and designs financial models that make sense for your business. Whether you're looking to lease or finance your commercial vehicles, we can help you make the right decisions at a better cost.



We use technology in real-time to give you accurate data when you need it - saving time and money.



We amplify your productivity by helping select the right vehicle and upfitting.



Our team of fleet experts and analysts collaborate to ensure an optimized fleet.

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We customize your fleet program to make it function right and look great.

The Zeemac Difference

Have you noticed how some companies arrive at job sites fully equipped with everything they need? How their efficient scheduling saves them both time and money? Not to mention how they never seem to miss deadlines due to unreliable vehicles? These are the companies that partner with Zeemac and on average, we help them cut their overall fleet expenditures by as much as 20%.

At Zeemac we have control over the entire life-cycle of fleet vehicles, including upfitting and data collection systems that lead to insights into the way companies operate their fleets. Between manufacturer volume purchase programs that save you money, finance programs that mitigate your cash burden or risk, maintenance options to minimize downtime and fleet systems that match utilization with your operational demands, we can guarantee that your landscaping business will always be ready for anything with the right fleet of vehicles to get the job done right, on time, and at a lower cost.

“Zeemac continues to go above and beyond to support our growing business and vehicle needs. The service is great!”

Michael Hansen

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