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Leasing vs. Financing: Which One is Right for You?


Point IconMake regular payments to borrow a vehicle for a specified length of time

Point IconThe lender owns the vehicle, but you have options to purchase at the end of the term

Point IconMonthly payments are typically lower

Point IconThe lender or dealership is responsible for the majority of maintenance and repairs

Point IconLeasing terms tend to be more flexible - return or trade-in the vehicle with minimal penalties

Point IconInitial capital investment is typically lower

Point IconYou are required to keep the vehicle in good condition to avoid penalties


point iconBorrow money to purchase a vehicle, and pay back the loan over time

point iconMonthly payments are typically higher

point iconYou own, and are responsible for, the vehicle once all payments have been made

point iconThe vehicle is yours, so maintenance and repairs are your responsibility

point iconFinancing terms are fixed - you must pay off your loan before you can sell or trade-in your vehicle

point iconInitial capital investment is typically higher

point iconThe vehicle is yours - do with it as you please

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Whether you’re looking for a single truck for your small business or a commercial fleet that’s 100-units strong, our priority is to find the best leasing or financing solutions for your business. Still not quite sure whether leasing or financing is right for you? Here’s how we can help!


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We offer the most flexible leasing programs in the Lower Mainland, and our world-class team of experts will explain the many benefits of leasing with Zeemac.

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The Zeemac team is here to find the best leasing and financing options for your growing business. We’ll present you with flexible and affordable options that make sense for your needs, and provide support as we work through the decision-making process together. We can’t wait to help your business thrive!

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