Electric Trucks & Vans for BC Businesses

By: Zeemac Fleet Services   |   23 Mar 2021
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Experts have forecasted that electric vehicles (EVs) will play a huge role in the success of small businesses in the coming decade. Why? Not only are there massive money-saving benefits when it comes to fuel, maintenance and repairs, but other factors like an improved driver experience and increased vehicle reliability also contribute positively to your bottom line. The sooner you can get on board with electric vehicle technology, the sooner you can start experiencing the real benefits of an EV fleet!


Most folks are familiar with the handful of small cars that have helped make EVs more mainstream, particularly on the West Coast - hello Toyota Prius! But cutting-edge electric auto tech now extends far beyond compact cars, and is available in a wide range of fleet-worthy pickup trucks and vans. These vehicles can be counted on to get the job done, while leaving behind an eco-friendly footprint in the process. Here are a few of the EVs on our radar for BC business owners in 2021 and 2022!


“Ford won't be the only one to offer a fully electric pickup. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said his company will reveal an electric truck this year that will start under $50,000. Rivian, which just received a $500 million investment from Ford, has been taking deposits for the R1T that will be available next year. GM has also announced plans for electric pickups.” Motortrend

Ford F-150 Hybrid & Electric

2021 was the debut year for the Ford F-150 Hybrid. This truck-of-choice for many commercial fleets is now offered with a PowerBoost gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain that combines a twin-turbocharged engine with a 35-kW electric motor. It delivers all of the power and towing capacity that landscaping, construction and even HVAC crews depend on, while sipping on significantly less fuel than gas-only models.


Ford’s 100% electric F-150 is set to debut in 2022, and it promises to revolutionize the world of pickups. This new battery-powered truck is tough, capable and clean, helping to save the environment and save you money. Ford’s teaser video for the new electric F-150 showed it towing a train’s worth of pickup trucks, totalling over 1-million pounds. More than likely your crew won’t need to haul quite that much weight, but it is a great example that we can have eco-friendly electric vehicles without compromising on power and performance.

Ford E-Transit Cargo Van

Canada’s best-selling cargo van will be offered in a fully electric model in 2022, and is already available for pre-order. The Ford E-Transit is helping lead businesses into the future with an environmentally-friendly electric drivetrain and “Built Ford Tough” dependability, not to mention multiple height and length options to suit the needs of more businesses. The Ford E-Transit aims to benefit small-business owners with a targeted starting MSRP of just $58,000, helping to make electric vehicle technology affordable and accessible.


“Before we electrified the Transit we talked to real world businesses and designed it around them. For instance, the targeted range of up to 203 kilometres was based on what they told us they needed to get the job done day in and day out. So, businesses get a true work van designed to meet their real-world challenges.” Ford Canada

GM EV600

Early this year, GM invested $1-billion in its Ontario-based CAMI manufacturing plant, making it Canada’s first large-scale auto plant for electric delivery vehicles. Production of GM’s electric light commercial vehicle, the EV600, began in early 2021, and we suspect these vans will be available by late 2021. As a light-duty delivery van, the EV600 will be an incredibly versatile vehicle for plenty of small businesses, including those in catering, food & flower delivery, security and even local craft breweries. An electric vehicle that’s good for the environment, good for your bottom line, and it supports Canadian employment? Yes, please!

Learn More About EVs for Your Fleet With Zeemac

Set yourself up for future success by adding electric trucks and vans to your commercial fleet! The benefits of EVs for small businesses are endless, and the team at Zeemac will be here every step of the way to ensure your smooth transition to electric vehicle tech. Contact us today for assistance with sourcing EVs for your fleet, information about fleet leasing and telematics, or simply to learn more about how Zeemac can help your small business grow!




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