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Since opening their first Vancouver location in 1971, Jones Refrigeration & Air Conditioning has grown into an industry leader in refrigeration. You will probably see their trucks from time to time outside one or more of your favourite grocery stores. Jones is recognized as an innovation leader, who continually finds new ways to use fleet technology and upfitted vehicles to improve customer service and operational efficiencies.

employee safety


With a large workforce travelling all over BC, Jones relies on second-by-second updates on drivers and vehicle status, to keep employees safe.

diagnostic reporting


Make informed fleet decisions with predictive engine health sensors.

best in class upfitting


Purpose-built systems for shelving, security, and cargo space.

Optimizing Fleet Operations

When Ford Motor Company decided to phase out the Ford E350 Cargo van (utilized exclusively across their fleet of vehicles) last year, Jones used the opportunity to optimize their fleet program to better support their staff. Having partnered with Zeemac for over 40 years, Jones relied on Zeemac's analysis to oversee the upgrading of their entire fleet.

Emphasis was placed on the suitability of upfitting for commercial refrigeration and HVAC needs, safety features such as back up cameras, sensors and hands free capability to ensure that the fleet operates “safety first”, fuel-economy, modular part design for reduced repair costs, supply-chain availability, vehicle tracking, and overall total cost of ownership.

Mobilizing a Workforce

It was imperative for Jones to ensure vehicles were secure, efficient, and capable of carrying an abundance of material and equipment. Every precaution was taken to ensure driver safety and operational requirements were addressed and the new 2015 Ford Transit 250 low-roof series was selected because of its leading fuel-economy, increased safety, and modular design. Although Jones received increased cargo capacity and improved horsepower with the Transit series, the 3.5L V6 engine provided a 15% improvement on overall fuel-efficiency.

Deploying for 24/7 Emergencies

Jones technicians are on-call 24/7 ensuring supermarket refrigeration equipment continues working to their full capacity. Teams are dispatched to remote as well as urban locations to respond to emergency calls. As part of the fleet evaluation, the current GPS Telematics system was also reviewed with Jones to determine if new advancements in GPS technology and real-time systems would facilitate dispatch efficiency.

System trials highlighted that real-time mapping of fleet movement, improved analytic data and new advanced GPS reporting made a change of provider advantageous. Jones provided Zeemac the green light (March 2016) to implement the new Geotab system fleet-wide with their new Transit Cargo roll-out and have already seen improvements operationally.

To deliver unparalleled service—keeping commercial refrigeration equipment running across BC—Jones continually seeks solutions to equip their technicians to do their best work. Zeemac supports their team through the Geotab Fleet Management tools, our Customer Care services, and a fleet of customized work-ready vehicles.

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