How Do I Get a 2022 Work Truck?

By: Zeemac Vehicle Acquisition & Fleet Services   |   28 Feb 2022
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We’ve all heard the news, so let’s just cut to the chase: yes, the automotive industry is experiencing inventory shortages. Why? The vehicle manufacturing process is complex, and several years’ worth of delays due to the global pandemic, chip shortages, a reduced workforce, production issues, and shipping challenges has caught up with the auto industry.

So does that mean you can’t get the 2022 (and even 2023) work trucks that your business needs? Absolutely not. In this article, we’ll share some steps you can take to secure 2022 work vehicles for your commercial fleet, and how Zeemac is here to help you navigate these changes.

Getting Your Fleet Vehicles is Easy With Zeemac

Even with an inventory shortage, Zeemac provides business owners with a major leg up against the competition thanks to the wide network of dealers we work with. Instead of trying to source vehicles from a single dealer, we can contact hundreds of dealers on your behalf until we find exactly what you need. So how do we get you from step one to turning over the ignition?

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1. Start doing your research online.

Most of us are very used to this by now, and hardly order a pizza without browsing a few options from our phone or laptop first. Ordering a 2022 work truck is no different. Look through popular brands like Ford, Chevy, RAM, GMC, Mercedes, Hino, and so many more, and make a shortlist of the models that make sense for the needs of your business. (Hint: you can learn more about the different vehicle models that are popular among BC businesses over on our blog).

2. We’ll source and order your vehicle.

Once you’ve decided on a model you like, simply fill out our Vehicle Quote Request Form and we’ll contact you with the next steps. Not sure which model you want? Fill out the form anyway! We have years of experience helping the West Coast’s busiest industries decide on the right commercial fleet vehicles for their specific needs. Our team will contact you to help guide your decision-making process and start the order process.

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3. Decide on your leasing terms.

Don’t worry: commercial fleet leasing is truly our specialty. We’ll walk you through your leasing and financing options until we find a solution that puts the needs of your business first. Again, when you work with Zeemac, you gain access to dozens of lenders across British Columbia, which is how we make sure that you get the very best monthly payments and leasing terms possible.

4. Get started now.

We can’t necessarily guarantee that your vehicles will arrive within days, or even weeks, of placing your order - although we do promise to keep you in the loop on the status of your order every step of the way. Your best chance for securing 2022 and 2023 work trucks is to start the process now. If you feel like you dropped the ball on getting your order in, you can also browse our ever-growing inventory of used work vehicles, which comes with its own long list of perks and benefits.

Ordering Vehicles Online Might Be Our New Normal

As with many things that changed during the pandemic, we are quickly realizing that there might be new (and heck - maybe even better) ways of doing things, including how we order our vehicles. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never get to sit behind the wheel of a vehicle before you buy it again, but it does mean that working with an agent to order your vehicles online is likely to become the new norm.

Luckily, this is what Zeemac has been doing for years. We are experts at sourcing the best commercial fleet vehicles for our clients from our massive network of nationwide dealers. We know what to look for, how to find multiples of the same vehicle, and how to fight for better prices on your behalf. A new way of doing things doesn’t need to be scary when you have an experienced team of experts working alongside you, and that’s exactly what you get when you partner with Zeemac.

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