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By: Zeemac Vehicle Acquisition & Fleet Services   |   31 May 2021
Person loading equipment into an upfitted fleet vehicle

Did you know that Zeemac offers fleet leasing specifically for HVAC companies? Heating and ventilation will continue to play an essential role in our everyday lives, with most buildings accounting for nearly 41% of our overall energy consumption. As the HVAC industry continues to make strides in implementing sustainability initiatives, it's important for HVAC companies to consider optimizing high-cost assets like their fleet vehicles. Here at Zeemac, we frequently partner with HVAC companies to ensure their industry fleets are keeping up with the industry's ever-changing demands, saving them an average of $6000 per vehicle and reducing expenditures by 20% in the process!

Benefits of HVAC Customized Fleet Leasing

When HVAC companies opt for customized fleet leasing, they get more control over the life cycle of their fleet vehicles. Upfitting with the installation of data collection systems will help company owners utilize accurate insights that can optimize the customer experience. These include telematics GPS devices to monitor and dispatch vehicles in real-time using Zeemac's unique diagnostic systems. This technology will not only increase efficiency and productivity, but will also help HVAC company owners understand their operation requirements which will positively aid in their decision-making process. You will also experience reduced emissions, maintenance, and downtime!


Learn more about how Fleet Telematics can help your business save money!



Whether you choose new or used vehicles, upfitting your fleet with all the proper equipment you need will maximize productivity and help ensure the safety of your drivers. At Zeemac, once we've determined the best upfitting options for your vehicles and business, we'll coordinate the entire build for you, so that you can focus on your business operations instead! In addition, our manufacturer volume purchase and finance programs will provide you with considerable savings and limit your cash burden or risk. With Zeemac, your commercial fleet will be industry-ready in no time!

Make the Right Choice for Your HVAC Company with Zeemac

With over 60-years of experience, the Zeemac team has helped hundreds of HVAC companies operating across the Greater Vancouver Area select the right vehicles and upfitting packages to maximize productivity and stay up to date in an ever-growing industry. We aim to simplify the process, so you can concentrate on the thing that matters most: Your HVAC business! To save time and money with our customized fleet programs, give us a call so you can chat with a leasing expert today!




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