Everything You Need to Know About the Geotab's OEM Telematics Platform

By: Christina Jones   |   24 Sep 2020

Did you know Zeemac Vehicle Lease is a re-seller of Geotab Telematics?

Recently, Geotab has made it possible to integrate third-party information from OEM vehicles and equipment into MyGeotab.

Leading vehicle manufacturers have been including an embedded telematics device into their recent vehicle models. Such devices are capable of collecting OEM-specific vehicle information as well as telematics data after customers provide appropriate consent to the manufacturer.

The solution provides distinct value to fleets which already have vehicles or construction equipment with embedded telematics devices. Some of the key benefits are highlighted below.

Benefits of using an OEM Data Platform:

  • Cost advantage — No device hardware or installation costs. Easy on/off activation for short-term vehicle rentals or seasonal vehicles.
  • Ease of use — Use the same MyGeotab portal and UI for tracking. Use the existing database to view devices from several pre-integrated OEMs alongside GO devices.
  • Faster time to market — No delays related to device shipment or installation.
  • Access to additional data — OEM and sensor data is sent directly by the embedded OEM device such as tire pressure.

This third-party integration is currently available in Canada for 2019 or newer Ford vehicles and coming soon to new GM vehicles. Pilot options are available for both!

When you lease, rent or purchase your next fleet vehicle, you should consider the benefits of telematics for your fleet. We are happy to connect through phone, email or Zoom to discuss your fleet management needs, and help you secure the vehicles and equipment you need to do business. Don’t hesitate to contact our team - we are dedicated to supporting local businesses throughout BC! Get in touch today to learn more or sign up for a free trial.

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