Which Vehicle Fuel Type is Best for Your Commercial Fleet

By: Zeemac Vehicle Acquisition & Fleet Services   |   24 Jan 2023

Electric, hybrid, and ICE – oh my! With so many types of powertrains available, it can be hard to determine what works best for your commercial fleet. And with more and more businesses opting to build EV fleets, you may be wondering if electric/hybrid vehicles truly live up to the hype over the tried and true gas/diesel vehicles. Thankfully, the team at Zeemac is here to help. Let’s explore the main types of vehicle fuel and which might better suit your fleet’s needs.

ICE - Gas

ICE (internal combustion engines) refers to conventional engines that use gasoline or diesel. The combustion engine is still holding a strong share of the market because fuel prices, although higher than ever, still make sense when compared to the upfront costs and the driver's needs. They are usually cheaper to purchase initially but more expensive in the long term due to their constant need for fuel.

When it comes to commuting, the gasoline engine is designed for the highways and offers a lot of efficiency advantages for this type of driving. You'd be surprised by the advances that have allowed gas vehicles to become more and more fuel-efficient, sometimes even comparable to hybrid vehicles.

ICE - Deisel

Diesel engines are even more fuel-efficient but burn fuel that is not as clean as gasoline. Diesel engines are also built much stronger and are known to reach higher mileage than gasoline engines, on average. This makes them a favourite for work trucks and larger vehicles because they have plenty of low-end torque to haul numerous passengers or large payloads with longer trip distances and low costs per tank. Repair is typically needed less, however, when needed, repairs are generally more costly.


There is no disputing electric cars are the future and, for the most part, are here to stay. Electric, zero-emission engine cars are generally available in the sub-compact to mid-sized vehicle range. While the suggested retail price of these vehicles is up there, in Ontario, they are eligible for up to $5000 in local and federal tax credits, and you'll, of course, save on gas. But you’ll need to make sure you have the infrastructure set up to support such a vehicle, like nearby qualified electric service centers and charging stations before you consider buying.

Hybrid Electric

If you're looking for better fuel economy and lower emissions but need more flexibility in terms of mileage, hybrids are a good way to go. You get the best of both worlds since the electric engine is more efficient at lower speeds, and the gas engine performs better at higher speeds. Plus, with a hybrid vehicle, the gas engine charges the battery, so you don't have to worry about having to find an outlet.

Lease ICE and EV Fleets at Zeemac!

Whether you prefer sticking with ICE vehicles or are interested in transitioning to an EV fleet, at Zeemac we offer the full spectrum of commercial fleet services, including vehicle leasing

rentals, outfitting, telematics, maintenance, fuel cards and electrification services. Optimize your fleet with Zeemac and get the maximum return on your investment for your business! Have more questions about your vehicle option? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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