EVOLVE is Your EV Fleet Leasing and Management Solution

By: Zeemac Vehicle Acquisition & Fleet Services   |   30 Oct 2022

With electric vehicles becoming more and more normalized, businesses that haven't yet made the switch for their commercial fleets may have some trouble keeping up. Thankfully Zeemac is here to help ensure you have a smooth transition. With EVOLVE Fleet Services, you now have a one-stop solution for EV fleet leasing and management services. Read on to learn how EVOLVE can help you and your business get the most out of your EV fleet.

What is EVOLVE?

With sustainability becoming of major importance in businesses across industries, companies all over Canada are looking for more ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices. Your commercial fleet is an excellent way to start, but the transition can be something of a learning curve if the process is new. EVOLVE provides your enterprise with turnkey solutions to help you successfully build and manage your electric vehicle fleet. From recommendations based on real-time fleet data to tailored programs to suit your operational needs, EVOLVE allows businesses within a wide range of industries to confidently step towards a more sustainable future. 

What Does EVOLVE Do?

Here are just a few of the benefits and solutions EVOLVE involves (see what we did there?).

EV Roadmap & Recommendations

Through industry experts and data analytics, EVOLVE will provide BC businesses with the roadmap to manage and build electric vehicle fleets effectively.

EV Suitability Assessments

With the help of telematics, we offer an EV Suitability Assessment so you can find out which EVs are best suited to your fleet and which gas vehicles you should start with replacing first.

EV Charging Stations

Our stations are part of a complete solution that includes installation, operations and maintenance support, driver support and online reporting.

EV Leasing

EVOLVE at Zeemac is one of the few leasing centres in the entire Greater Vancouver Area to offer electric vehicle fleet leasing on a wide range of popular EV makes and models.

EV Demos/Rentals

We offer demo or rental electric vehicles so you can test out EVs to ensure they work for your day-to-day.

Start the Evolution Today with EVOLVE at Zeemac

EVOLVE Fleet Services empowers forward-thinking business owners to build a sustainable future by providing flexible and scalable electric vehicle solutions. Get in touch with our team for a list of available demo EVs, to learn how having electric vehicles in your fleet can help your company save with EV incentive programs, and for more information about EVOLVE Fleet Services.




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