Industry Spotlight: Courier Services

By: Zeemac Fleet Leasing Services   |   22 Jun 2021
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As the world slowed down and more people stayed home, the demand for delivery and courier services across the entire country skyrocketed like never before. Groceries, personal care items, household goods, clothing, pet supplies, furniture, plants - you name it, people need it delivered. With Vancouver’s courier industry covering such a wide range of needs, it stands to reason that demands of your commercial fleet can’t be met with a “one size fits all” approach.

That’s why Zeemac focuses on providing customized leasing services that can be tailored to suit the changing needs of your business. Sometimes you find yourself starting in one place, only to grow into something new; sometimes you experience growth that is exciting but scary, and you’re not sure how to keep up; sometimes you just need to depend on someone who potentially has all the answers. Whatever your business needs, Zeemac can help. Here are just a few ways that Zeemac is supporting Vancouver’s booming courier industry.




  1. Customizable Fleet Leasing Services 

There are so many benefits to leasing your commercial fleet instead of purchasing new vehicles outright:

  • You’ll experience greater flexibility with your leasing terms

  • You are less likely to get trapped paying for expensive vehicles that aren’t in use

  • You’ll have a wider selection of vehicles available to you

  • You’ll retain essential cashflow by avoiding a large upfront investment

  • You can walk away at the end of your lease if things don’t work out

Zeemac is Vancouver’s commercial fleet leasing experts. With our extensive network of dealers and lenders available to you, we can design a fleet leasing agreement that truly meets the needs of your courier business. If you’re ready to chat with a personal fleet leasing expert and learn more about the benefits of commercial fleet leasing, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.




  1. We Can Help With Vehicle Upfitting

Many of our clients who own demanding courier businesses have unique requirements when it comes to upfitting their delivery trucks. Whether you need shelving, a refrigeration unit, both(!), a towing package, or any number of organizational and functional systems that will help your fleet perform its best, we can help make it happen.

  1. Take Advantage of Our Fleet Management Services

Let’s face it: every courier business that operates in the Vancouver Area has been plagued by traffic and parking issues. Now, we’re not saying we can control BC traffic, but we can offer solutions that will help soften the blow of this inevitable issue. Our Fleet Telematics Services compile data as your fleets make deliveries, and create optimized routes and fuel-saving strategies for your drivers over time. Telematics also help reduce accidents, monitor the maintenance schedule of your vehicles, and improve the efficiency of your daily operations.

Delivery person handing over a box

  1. Unbeatable Fleet Vehicle Selection

From covered vans to heavy-duty trucks to compact cars for downtown deliveries, we can find the right new and used vehicles for your fleet. When you work with a Zeemac consultant, we’ll start by discussing what your daily delivery schedule looks like, and recommend fleet vehicles that can get the job done. We can access vehicles from just about every manufacturer in the auto industry, and at unbeatable prices to boot.

  1. We Do Maintenance and Repairs

We want our clients to know that they can depend on Zeemac for life. That’s why we’re also one of the leading vehicle maintenance and repair centres to service Vancouver’s busy commercial fleets. Our technicians have extensive experience working on all vehicle makes and models, and will have your vehicles back on the road quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to your delivery routes without skipping a beat.

Vancouver’s Courier Industry Depends on Zeemac

We’ve worked with hundreds of local courier and delivery businesses, helping them find personalized commercial fleet solutions that meet the demands of this vital industry. If you’re ready to speak with a Zeemac leasing specialist, please don’t hesitate to reach out - we’re eager to demonstrate how we can support your courier business!





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