Fleet Leasing for Security Vehicles

By: Zeemac Fleet Leasing Services   |   22 Jun 2021
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In the past few years, the need for security services has skyrocketed across the Vancouver area. Perhaps now more than ever, local companies depend on a wide range of security services to help with their daily operations, including uniformed guards, fast-service response, concierge, and mobile patrols. If your security business has been affected by this shift in demand, it’s likely that your needs are changing quickly as you scale - including your need for reliable security vehicles and fleet management services.

Zeemac can help. Our commercial fleet leasing and management services are designed to help your business grow quickly and efficiently. We don’t want to see you invest vital capital in vehicles that you don’t end up using, experience frustrated employees due to communication breakdowns, or let your customers down. Here are a few ways that the Zeemac team can help your security business thrive.

Commercial Vehicle Leasing Made Easy

For many businesses, it doesn’t make sense to purchase fleet vehicles outright. Why? As demand for your services ebb and flow, you can end up with expensive vehicles sitting unused, paying premium fees to store them, or even struggling to sell vehicles you no longer need. But many business owners get pressured into buying vehicles when they experience rapid growth, without realizing there are better options available to them.

Zeemac is Vancouver’s commercial fleet leasing experts. We appreciate the many benefits that leasing provides for small and medium business owners, and we’re passionate about helping local companies succeed with fleet options that are tailored to their needs. So how can leasing your security vehicles benefit your business?

  • Experience greater flexibility in the terms and length of your lease agreement

  • Find fantastic vehicles that meet the needs of your fleet

  • Grow your fleet quickly with less initial financial investment

  • Rest easy knowing you won’t be stuck with vehicles you can’t sell

  • Lease vehicles that are guaranteed reliable, so you can be there when your customers need you most

  • Save time and money: we do the hard work for you, and have an extensive network that we can access for both vehicles and leasing options

  • We get it - things change. Simply walk away when your lease is done



Explore Fleet Management Services

After we’ve taken care of your fleet leasing needs, there are several ways that Zeemac can continue to be a valuable partner for your security business. We offer a range of fleet management services aimed to simplify, streamline and strengthen your daily operations. Your Zeemac team member can discuss our helpful services with you, including:

Fleet Telematics. Take advantage of our fleet tracking platform that delivers vital information about the health of your vehicles. Improve fuel efficiency, stay up to date with vehicle maintenance, plot efficient driving routes, reduce unsafe driver activity, boost productivity, improve communication between your drivers, and so much more.



Maintenance and Repair Services. Our technicians have years of training and experience servicing all makes and models, and we work on a maintenance schedule that helps prevent future breakdowns. Zeemac is where BC businesses bring their fleets for trustworthy, quick and affordable maintenance and repair services.



Trust Zeemac With Your Security Vehicle Leasing Needs

More Vancouver businesses choose Zeemac for their commercial fleet leasing and management needs, and our team is dedicated to helping local security companies grow with customized business solutions. Ready to see how Zeemac can help your security business thrive? Simply give us a call to get in touch with one of our fleet leasing experts, or send us a message and one of our team members will be sure to reach out!



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