What is Telematics?

By: Caitlin Jones   |   10 Feb 2020

Telematics has become a key player in effective fleet management, and it’s a very worthwhile technology to become acquainted with. Essentially, telematics is a method of monitoring fleet vehicles using GPS and other diagnostics to record their movements. Typically tracking through a small telematics device, these movements relay important information about fuel efficiency, driving habits, and general vehicle faults or issues. 


With a telematics company like Geotab, this information is accessible through a fleet management software system that can be viewed on either computer or mobile. Users will be able to view comprehensive telematics reports, and can easily be accountable for the optimization and compliance of their fleet vehicles. 


Ultimately, using the Geotab telematics system provides support with company productivity. Over 2 million vehicles use the telematics platform to:

  • Locate vehicles in real-time

  • Improve overall fleet safety through driving behaviour trakcing and in-vehicle driver coaching

  • Identify fuel saving opportunites by monitoring fuel usage and idling trends

  • Maximize uptime through predictive maintenace features and comprehensive engine health reporting

  • Strengthen fleet compliance

Let us show you how simple it is to use Geotab to manage your fleet. To learn more about Geotab telematics, contact Zeemac today for a free demo.

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