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If you need commercial vehicles for your business but aren’t quite sure how fleet leasing can help support your growing company, then you have come to the right place. Get answers to your most pressing questions in our FAQ section, or reach out to the Zeemac team now to talk with a specialist about the best next steps for your business.

What is a fleet leasing company?

A fleet leasing company helps take the complexity out of leasing so you can build a fleet that’s so efficient it can essentially run itself. Fleet leasing companies typically work with multiple dealers, lenders, and other partners (like telematics companies and fuel card program providers) to create a one-stop shop for all things fleet-related.

How does fleet leasing work?

You’ll typically start the fleet leasing process by telling your leasing agent what types of vehicles you need. They’ll source the vehicles for you and arrange for delivery, if necessary. Next, your agent will work with various lenders to find the best leasing rates possible. They can even bundle all of your leasing costs into one monthly payment to help save valuable time and money. Finally, you can explore management services like fuel cards, EV charging stations, and GPS telematics with your agent until we’ve built the right bundle for your business.

Why lease a vehicle for business?

Many business owners prefer to lease their fleet vehicles. It is a great solution if you don’t have the up-front capital to buy multiple vehicles for cash, and can allow for greater flexibility as your business grows.

Why lease over finance?

This is something we are asked often, and we discuss the many benefits of leasing on our dedicated Leasing vs. Financing page. Ultimately, choosing to lease your fleet over financing will come down to the specifics of your business and situation. Do you have the money to buy your vehicles outright, or will a monthly payment be more manageable? Do you need multiples of the same vehicle, or can your fleet consist of a variety of vehicles? Would you prefer to have maintenance and repairs covered by the dealership, or save for these costs yourself if/when they arise? These are important questions your agent will walk you through as you decide whether to lease or finance your fleet vehicles.

Will leasing my fleet save time and money?

Working with a leasing agent will save you countless hours that you would have spent sourcing vehicles, visiting dealerships, and talking with banks. Because of the bundling nature of leasing a fleet, you’ll also save time managing your books and paying your monthly expenses. A leasing company also works with multiple dealers and lenders, so your agent will shop around for the very best prices possible - usually a lot better than you can get individually - helping to keep more money in your pocket.

Can I lease a used fleet?

There is a misconception that you must lease new vehicles, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s certainly possible to lease used cars, trucks, and SUVs for your fleet through a leasing company. Talk to us about your needs and budget, and we’ll make sure to find the right vehicles for you.

Can I lease a fleet of cars, trucks, or vans that are all the same?

This is a major benefit of working with a leasing company like Zeemac, as our agents can source multiples of the same vehicle - which isn’t always easy if you’re working with individual dealerships. You might end up with different leases from different dealerships (a major hassle to manage) just so you can have multiples of the same fleet of vehicles. We won’t let that happen!

Does Zeemac handle fleet lease disposal?

We get it - sometimes the needs of your business change. If you need to get out of your lease at any time, reach out to us here at Zeemac. We will walk you through your options and ensure you walk away without having to suffer major losses or get stuck with vehicles that jeopardize the success of your company.

Who will be the fleet lessor?

We work with all of Canada’s most well-known and trusted banks and dealerships to bring quality and affordable fleet leasing options to our clients from all across Canada. You’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way as we present offers from various lessors until we land on a solution that works for you.

Can I lease a fleet of electric vehicles?

You can certainly lease a fleet of electric vehicles, but again - it will be a lot easier when you work with a fleet leasing company like Zeemac. We specialize in sourcing Canada’s most popular EV models, including Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Ioniq, Ford E-Transit, Ford Lightning, and many more. We’ve also partnered with ChargePoint Electric Fleet Charging Services to further support our clients with their EV charging needs as they go green. You won’t find a leasing company better equipped to meet your electric vehicle fleet leasing needs in BC than Zeemac!

Why choose a fleet leasing company like Zeemac over a dealership?

If you haven’t been convinced yet that working with a fleet leasing company like Zeemac is the right move for your business, then you should reach out to our team to learn more! We’ve worked with thousands of businesses over the years, helping them reach new levels of success they never dreamed were possible. You can also learn more about the world of fleet vehicles, fleet leasing, fleet management bundles, and all that Zeemac has to offer over on our educational blog.

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With over 60 years of experience in fleet leasing and management services, Zeemac is a key partner for BC businesses when it comes to making informed decisions about all things fleet-related. Let’s work together towards helping your business scale and thrive.


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