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BC-based aviation company Highland Helicopters (“Highland Heli”), is known to provide one of the safest, most reliable, helicopter services throughout Canada. Highland Heli transcends some of the most difficult terrain mother-nature offers, providing clients the ability to navigate remote areas unreachable by vehicle. That’s why Zeemac’s partnership with Highland Heli, starts where the road ends. 

As the warm spring air descends, it’s “go-time” at Highland Heli, whose operations can double during the busy season. Ground support teams work around-the-clock to keep aircraft in the air and the pilots in motion. From the choppers to the vehicles on the ground, all equipment upholds the strict safety regulations governing the industry. For Highland Helicopters, they required a partner that could respond quickly, ensure safety compliance, and deploy work-ready vehicles into the back-country locations they operate. 

 “Working with Zeemac as a partner offers us the ability to scale up and scale down as our needs change through the seasons and with contracts.”

Chris Haslock – Highland Helicopters


Zeemac deploys a variety of vehicles, but primarily Super Duty F350’s, outfitted with first-aid kit, Duratrac alpine tires, headache rack, Geotab Telematics, company decals, hazard signage, and interior all-weather coverings. With an on-site Service Center at Zeemac to perform the work, our team can self-manage the outfitting logistics and deliver work-ready vehicles within hours of a request. All vehicles go through a thorough inspection and checklist to ensure they adhere to Highland’s requirements.

As a Geotab Telematics reseller, Zeemac equips Highland Heli vehicles with the industry’s leading real-time tracking system. This provides Highland Heli with instant visibility into their operations, including fleet performance, driver safety, and location-dispatch. 

“We go to great lengths to provide Highland with peace-of-mind, that their vehicles are work-ready to ensure the safety of their people!” 

Kris Emmons – Zeemac Vehicle Lease Ltd.

Highland Helicopter operates with short term rentals and longer-term leases, and will often capitalize on Zeemac’s lightly used-inventory to improve their return on investment. Zeemac has the ability to tailor the rental or lease terms to align with the objectives of the organization, which also factored into the Highland Heli’s partner selection. 

Highland Helicopters experienced and professional crews provide an invaluable service to the varying resource-based industries they support. Although we form a small part of Highland Heli’s overall transportation solution, the partnership highlights Zeemac’s ability to tailor programs and drive value into complex operational settings. 

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