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Universal Group is an industry leader in traffic control services, traffic management planning, traffic equipment supply, landscaping, demolition services, temporary labour and occupational health and safety training. Headed in Burnaby, their fleet is ever-expanding and reaching for success.



40+ vehicles across Approximate $1M fleet



Short lead times & proactive planning

best in class upfitting


(9) different vehicle configurations, (5) unique uplifting packages


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Responding to the call

Universal Group was founded on the idea that it was time to challenge the industry, and bring a new face and attitude to traffic control.

Since their inception, Universal Group has become one of the industry's success stories. They now offer one of British Columbia's premier safety education platforms, and control the dominant market share with the majority of B.C.'s major infrastructure projects. Through acquisition, Universal Group has expanded their services into demolition and landscaping, diversifying their scope of services along with the vehicle fleet they deploy.

“Zeemac's response to our seasonal requirements continues to impress”

Ahead of demand.

Proactively planning for project-based work and seasonal demands can present challenges. Zeemac took a proactive approach with Universal Group, increasing meeting frequency to monthly or bi-weekly to get ahead of fleet demand and rank viable project opportunities. A true partner, Zeemac spent the time to understand the nature of the business and has taken the liberty of pro-actively ordering units with Universal Group specifications to help us accommodate last minute project requests.

The ability to scale their services for our immediate needs is an advantage that's helped Universal Group compete. In addition, the support and professionalism of the Zeemac team and their pro-active response to our fleet needs has made them a preferred partner.

Our partnership started with a single unit in 2006 and has expanded into one of the fastest growing fleet programs in Canada.

“Although other suppliers in the market could supply vehicles and manage our specialized upfitting, Zeemac’s response to our seasonal requirements, professionalism, and ongoing support continues to impress and it has helped us to compete in this business”.

Kobie Brandt
President & COO, Universal Group
Kobie Brandt

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